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Anal Training: How to Anal Train for mind-blowing anal sex

Anal sex is a coveted way of receiving pleasure, but can also be intimidating, especially for beginners. This guide to anal training will give you all of the tips, tricks, and information you need to train your butt for mind-blowing anal sex.

What is Anal Training?

Anal training is the process of exploring and strengthening the backdoor by inserting progressively larger objects into the rectum. Anal training also involves getting accustomed to the feelings of fullness and movement that come along with anal sex. More advanced players also engage in anal training for the sensation of stretching or to be able to insert much larger objects into their butts. Anal training can also be incorporated into BDSM, as part of experiencing more intense sensations, or even as part of power exchange and discipline.

Anal Training: Backdoor Basics

Before you get started with anal training, let’s go over some anal safety basics. When deciding which toys you’re going to use for anal dilation or training, make sure they have a flared base.

Objects that don’t have a flared base can easily get sucked into the rectum and require an emergency room visit to remove.

Never use numbing agents (such as lidocaine or benzocaine) on your butt. Pain is your body’s way of signaling to your brain when something’s not right, and anal sex should never hurt. Listen to your body, if you feel pain, stop, slow down, or use more lube to prevent causing any damage.

Since the anus doesn’t self-lubricate, remember to use plenty of lube every time.

If you’re exploring with a partner, maintain active communication while you play. Let them know what feels good or if anything needs adjusting.

Anal Training: Relaxation is KEY!

The anus is the pucker you see when you spread the cheeks and is the opening to the anal canal. Surrounding the anus, there are two sets of muscles, or anal sphincters, that overlap and control the opening and closing of the anal canal.

The external sphincter is voluntary, which means you can control it by simply clenching and releasing it.

The internal sphincter, however, is an involuntary muscle that requires the right conditions to relax and open up for penetration. Part of anal training is getting the internal sphincter to a relaxed state. For some people, having an orgasm helps them relax their sphincters, while others find deep breathing to be the most helpful tool in relaxing those muscles.

Anal Training: Work Out and Prepare

Before you begin your anal training with toys, start by toning your pubococcygeal (PC) muscles. This system of muscles extends from the tailbone to the base of the genitals and provides support to the anal and pelvic areas.

Keeping these muscles toned and elastic will help you to have more control over penetration, achieve stronger orgasms, and improve your overall anal and reproductive health.

To work out your PC muscles, you can simply do a controlled clench and controlled release of your pelvic muscles and repeat it for as many reps as feel comfortable. You should feel the workout through your genitals and butt. Also support your anal and rectal health by using a body-friendly, supportive lube.

Some lubricants have ingredients like aloe and Vitamin E, which help repair any irritated tissue while promoting internal elasticity.

You’ll also always want to use plenty of lube when you explore your anus because the butt does not self-lubricate. Lube is essential for anal play because it reduces unwanted friction, makes penetration easier, and helps to avoid any micro-abrasions.

Anal Training: Start Small and Practice Regularly

The first time you put something in your butt, it will be a completely new sensation that you will need to get used to. Before you begin anal training with toys, start exploring with one finger, or a fingertip.

Lots of people like to bring some water-resistant silicone lube into the shower and insert one well-lubed finger in their butt as part of their daily routine, to keep their butts engaged.

Once you’re comfortable inserting a finger, you can start exploring either with more fingers or slightly larger toys. When you begin your training, always start with the size that’s closest to something you’ve already successfully inserted. Small plugs with a tapered tip are excellent for easy insertion.

Anal Training: Level Up Slowly and Progressively

Once you’re able to insert a small plug, you can begin training your way up to longer and more girthy toys. Depending on your body’s comfort level, you can start to insert larger toys either in the same session or over the course of multiple sessions.

Having an orgasm from genital stimulation as you size up can help your body relax and be more receptive to larger objects.

Anal Training: Anal Beads Can Help You Grow

Anal beads are excellent tools for anal training because they tend to start off with a smaller bead and work up to larger beads. Your sphincters will become more accustomed to opening and closing as you insert each progressively larger bead.

As a bonus, the sensation of repeated muscle contractions you feel when inserting or removing beads mimic the sensation that happens when your muscles spasm during orgasm

Try pulling out your anal beads at the point of orgasm to heighten those pleasurable sensations.

Anal Training: Use Longer and Thicker Butt Plugs to Get Used to Size

Butt plugs are great for getting used to a feeling of fullness. While small and slim plugs are great for getting used to inserting something into your butt, larger plugs help experience a deep sense of fullness. Anchor-shaped plugs help with anal training because slide in comfortably and stay securely in place so you can wear them while you experience other types of stimulation. Many plugs can be worn comfortably for extended periods.

You can wear your plug while you have other kinds of sex or while you go about your day to really get accustomed to the feeling of having something in your butt.

Anal Training: Use Dildos for Deeper Penetration and Thrusting

If you’re training for anal sex with a strap on or penis, consider using dildos with a flared base. Once you’re able to comfortably insert a dildo, try slowly moving it back and forth, to get accustomed to the sensation of thrusting.

Movement in the rectum feels very different than inserting a still plug

Try varying the speed and intensity of the in and out movements to become familiar with what anal sex might feel like.

Anal Training: Warm Up Every Time

It’s important to keep in mind that our butts need a lot of warming up, no matter how experienced we are with anal penetration. Even if you’ve been able to work your way up to a larger dildo during your anal training sessions, it’s still helpful to be really turned on before you have anal sex. Warming up by starting your anal sex session with fingers or toys will help make inserting a larger dildo or a penis much more comfortable and pleasurable. Have an orgasm, use plenty of lube, and work your way up every time you have anal sex!

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