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The 8 best lesbian Sex Positions for lavish lady loving

Spicing up your sexy time isn’t just about maximising pleasure and orgasms, it’s about building intimacy with your partner and exploring their body in new and exciting ways. We are all guilty of falling into tried and tested routines when it comes to both solo and partnered play, and that’s totally fine! Yet you could be missing out on some crazy good sex without even knowing it! 

These 8 positions are designed to give you a flavour of some new techniques, movements and sensations - to encourage you to explore your partner's body and hopefully discover some new moves that will blow both your minds!

Lesbian sex places consent, communication and mutual pleasure at the centre of things. Unlike male-centric heteronormative ideas of sex, that tend to focus on penetration, lesbian sex focusses more on the only organ designed solely for pleasure: the clitoris. 

As Casey Tanner, the queer sex therapist tells us: “Most people need continuous, rhythmic, clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm.” So bear that in mind as you go through this list. Slow down, communicate and give yourself and your partner enough time to relax in each position. Enjoy!

Lesbian Sex Position Number 1: A Good Ol’ Fashioned

lesbian sex position one - missionary

There’s nothing better than a bit of missionary when you’re looking for serious intimacy. This lesbian sex position allows your bodies and face to be super close, perfect for some gorgeous genital rubbing and deep kissing.  

Some may like to use a strap-on in this position, but the use of hands rather than a penis or toy is a wonderful way to get to know your partner's genitals, it’ll really allow you to learn what drives your partner wild from the inside

Sari Cooper, founder & Director of The Centre for Love and Sex

Hot Tip: Try some eye-gazing before and during to deepen your connection even further. 

Lesbian Sex Position Number 2: The Lazy-Daisy-Chain

lesbian sex position 2 lazy 69 two bodies lying on their side

This 69 position on your sides means you can go at it for hours without anyone’s arms getting too tired. Rest your head on your partner’s thigh, and lick, suck or blow each other to new heights of pleasure.  

Hot Tip: Add some pillows for extra luxury. 

Lesbian Sex Position Number 3: Tiny Dancer

lesbian sex position 3 daisy chain

“Hold me closer!” With your partner holding you from behind, this lesbian sex position will make you feel so safe and able to melt into their arms while they stimulate your genitals, either with their hands or a vibe. 

Hot Tip: Use the vibrator on the nipples for some explosive nipple-gasms! 

Lesbian Sex Position Number 4: Scissor Sisters

lesbian sex position 4 scissoring

While scissoring isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, if the angles are just right, and there’s enough lubrication (to avoid friction burn), this position can be the creme de la creme of pleasure. There is something extremely intimate about rubbing your genitals together, and from this position, both of you have control over the speed, power and pressure.

Hot Tip: If your genitals can’t quite reach each other, try sliding a vibe like the Mimi Soft in between you. Mimi's wide surface area means both of you can enjoy direct clitoral stimulation as you both rub up together. Clitoral bliss!

Lesbian Sex Position Number 5: Dirty Dawgs

lesbian sex position 5 strap on from behind

Strap-on your strap-on and take your partner for a wild ride in this lesbian doggy-style position. With your hands more free to roam, you can ask if they are into spanking, hair pulling, or if they just want to be held. 

Hot Tip: Explore different speeds and depths of penetration to see what works best for you both. The strap-on wearer can slip a Mimi Soft into the harness for some lovely clitoral joy. The ultra-low-frequency vibrations will travel down the dildo so that both parties can enjoy these delicious sensations!

Lesbian Sex Position Number 6: The Bath Bomb

lesbian sex position 6 bath tub fun

Grab your favourite waterproof vibrator and run a deliciously romantic bath. Squeeze in behind your partner, and rub the rumbling vibrations over their body in the water. 

Hot Tip: Try playing with their nipples while also stimulating their genitals, this is a great position to try out having a "nipplegasm"

Lesbian Sex Position Number 7: The Jessica Rabbit

lesbian sex position 7 jessica rabbit

Lying on your back, have your partner between your legs penetrating you with a vibrating rabbit on your G-Spot or P-Spot, the ears tickling your clitoris or perineum. Relax into the sensations and let the waves of pleasure wash over you. 

Hot Tip: Add a pillow underneath your bum to try different angles. It's easier to hit the G-Spot when your hips are raised.

Lesbian Sex Position Number 8: Plug Me Up, Buttercup

lesbian sex position 8 butt plug

While on all fours, have your partner spread some anal lube over your anus and insert your favourite butt plug from behind. Communicate what else you’d like them to do to reach climax, penetrate you with their fingers or stimulate your genitals, and enjoy the contractions around the plug when you come. 

Hot Tip: Add more toys into the mix! Nipple clamps, dildos, or vibrators for a full-bodied experience. 

oli lipski author of lesbian sex 101 article and sex educator

Oli Lipski (she/her) is The Queer Sensualist; a Sex Tech Writer and Sensuality Coaching in the making. Combining her passions of sex-positivity, queer theory and intersectional feminist thinking, Oli’s mission is to inspire more sensual wellness, while dismantling heteronormativity, along with gender and racial bias.
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