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Woman having orgasm in bath

It's no secret that female self-pleasure and orgasm throughout the ages have been associated with shame and embarrassment. Some could even argue female orgasm is a taboo subject.

We're trying to help to break the negative stigma around female orgasm by collaborating with award winning photographer Elisabeth Hoff on her photo and video project, Project O. 

Project O captures portraits of women having real orgasms on camera. Each of the women photographed in the project have given their permission to be photographed in a rare and vulnerable position.

Hopefully this campaign will open up new doorways to normalise and destigmatise female pleasure and the enormity it has over us. 

Project O also highlights the importance of starting conversations about orgasms and shame-less pleasure.

The sooner that we explore women's pleasure without shame, the sooner we can close the orgasm gap and begin to have more pleasureful and meaningful sex.

It has been proven that a good sex education and talking about women's pleasure can actually lead to less domestic violence cases, increased sexual health and healthier gender dynamics. 

So let's get talking about what it means for women to truly enjoy sexual pleasure and orgasms. 

Five women from Project O shared what orgasms mean to them and it got us thinking about what orgasms mean to us here at Je Joue. To us they equal empowerment, fun and control of our sex lives. 

So orgasms, what do they mean to you? 

“Orgasms are my release. They make me feel powerful and beautiful.” – Maria 
“We all have universal creative energy inside us. And orgasm is an explosion of that energy.” – Paisley
“Orgasms & self pleasure helped me fall back in love with my body” – Steph
“It's a superpower” – Shilpa
“Orgasms bring me back to my body & my love for it” – Elles 
“It’s true connection to myself” – Claire
Woman having an orgasm
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