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Vibrators are the most popular sex toys ever created. Have you ever wondered how the vibrations interact with your body? Why some toys doesn't feel the same as others? Why do we sometimes feel numb? Or what difference can the vibrator design bring?

All vibrators are not created equal

Except the obvious and visible parameters: shapes, colours, material etc. vibrators have hidden gems that create a unique vibration: their motors. All motors are not equal in terms of performance and they are compared very often in terms of speed when this isn't really a useful comparison. Among many characteristics, the frequency of a motor is a determinant factor in creating the most stimulating vibrations. The lower the vibration, the richer is the sensation.

The best vibrations aren't the strongest

Choosing a vibrator can be a puzzling process. One very misleading parameter is the strength of the vibration. Many vibrators engage in a battle of speed (expressed in rpm) while the most important parameter is the displacement created by the vibration in the body.

In fact, strength/speed isn't as important as how deep the vibrations spread into the body. When a strong vibration is superficial it creates either numbness or an irritating sensation.

Deep and yet strong vibrations spread into different nerve levels and create a rich incomparable sensation.

The body has specific nerve endings for vibrations

The body in general has very specialised receptors to different sensations: pressure, temperature, movement and vibrations is amongst them. The genital areas- and the clitoris in particular- have a variety of specialised mechanoreceptors.

90% of the clitoris' nerve endings are internal

The clitoris is a treasure trove and its most secret gems are buried deep into the body. To reach most of its nerves (90% of 8000) the vibration should rather be deep than shallow thanks to low frequency vibrations rather than high frequency ones.

Stimulating the G-Spot requires both vibrations and pressure

Many users report that vibrations aren't a must when it comes to stimulating the G-Spot. That is why many of them usually combine a simple curved dildo and a clitoral stimulator. They also report that the vibrations during internal stimulation aren't felt as much as during the external stimulation.

High frequency vibrations lead to an "escalation of force"

One of the most frequent complaints made about vibrations is that they cease to produce their positive effects after a while.

Indeed, high frequency vibrations associated to high speeds over-stimulate the same nerves and tend to produce a numbing sensation.

The very common solution to palliate this effect is choosing a more powerful vibrator. So, you start buying a very compact discreet vibrator and you end up using a huge massage wand with an AC plug.

We, at Je Joue, are committed to create the ultimate quality in vibrations with our collection of beautifully crafted sex toys designed to empower people to explore a new world of intimate – and infinite – possibilities.

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