Sex Education

Choosing the right sex toy can be a real struggle. There are so many toys to choose from, vibrators, dildos, butt plugs and the list goes on, that it is often a puzzling process that seems overwhelming to beginners and the experienced user too. 

The first rule of shopping for a sex toy is to simply have fun and understand what it is that you like.

The second is to ask yourself a series of questions - Are you going to use it outside or inside? Both? What do you know about your body? What turns you on? What type of aesthetic do you want? Look? Colour? Solo or partner play?

Everyone is different and you need to find a vibe that works for your body. You don't want to ruin your very first experience with a sex toy just because you rushed too fast into choosing the wrong option.


Bullets make a great first vibe - these are small, handy powerful vibrators used for clitoral stimulation. They are also highly discreet, quiet and cheap.


The rabbit vibrator known for introducing women a double-orgasm, when a clitoral and vaginal or G-spot orgasm occur at the same time. Rabbit vibrators are designed to give more intense sensations than the more traditional dildo or clitoral stimulator


Pebble vibrators are non-penetrative vibe. They are a more rounded shaped vibe allowing for precise control over where you want it. It is a great toy for beginners and for couples to use before and during sex for added pleasure.

G-spot vibes

G-spot vibrators are designed with an extra “tilted top” at the end to help reach the inner front wall of the vagina where the G-spot is located.

Classic vibes

Classic vibrators are traditionally phallic in shape and can be used internally and externally – our collection of ‘classic vibes’ avoids the phallic shape and instead focuses on design-led stylish curves.

Couple vibes

Vibrators for couples are far more advanced, reaching areas in ways never imagined. So if you’re looking to take your sex life up a notch or just try something new, a couple’s vibe might be just what need.

If you have any questions about what you'd like - please Contact Us.

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