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Being critical of your body is something that a lot of us are guilty of. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of comparison and as a society we’ve been told that beauty looks a certain way. If you have low body confidence then learning to love the way you are can be difficult and the path to acceptance and then appreciation can be a long one. We’ve pulled together some quick tips to help you to start to look at yourself differently and start to love that beautiful skin you are in. Because once you do accept your body it’s incredibly liberating.

Cleanse your social feed

Comparison can often be a negative thing and people on social media tend to only show the flattering version of themselves. Take a look at your social feed. Does it make you feel better or worse about yourself? Have a cleanse and unfollow any account that triggers you to judge the way you look. Start to follow more positive content where you see people that look like you (and I bet you think they look beautiful). There’s some fantastic body confidence influencers out there who expose the reality of media and challenge the media standards of beauty. A few we recommend are: @alexlight_ldn, @julesvonhep, @lizzobeeating @em_clarkson @meganjaynecrabbe

Don’t focus on numbers

Weight on the scales and clothing sizes are so vast and interchangeable it can mislead you into thinking your body is something it’s not. One day you might be bloated or you’ve put on extra muscle and let’s not get started with the varying sizes of clothes by brand. Instead have a think about how you feel in yourself, do you feel comfortable? If you have to go a size in one item don’t sweat it as you can walk into another shop and have to size down, just do you and remove the pressure of a target weight or size.

Focus on the positives

Have a think about the parts of the body you like? I bet you can think of quite a few things that you like. Change your mindset and think about what you like about the way you look instead of the negatives. Also try and look at yourself the way you look at others. I suspect you rarely look at others and think negative thoughts about their appearance.

 Appreciate the diversity of the world

If everyone was the same shape, weight and size then the world would be pretty boring. Appreciate the diversity of beauty around you and know that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, you’re included. We’ve been conditioned to think that beauty looks a certain way but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The world is a much more beautiful place when it has different people in it.

Spend time with your body

Now here’s where we can help. Spending time getting to know your body, pleasuring your body is a great way to appreciate it. All bodies are worthy of sexual pleasure and when you really get to understand your body and what it likes that’s when you can associate positive thoughts with it.


Do you have any other tips of learning to love your body?


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