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Take on the 31-Day Challenge this Masturbation May

It’s here, a whole month dedicated to self-love and exploration. Masturbation has so many wonderful benefits outside of just feeling good, it’s actually good for your health as well. Masturbation is known to help relieve stress, and aid sleep which improves mental health, it can also relieve menstrual pain. The more you explore your body the better and that’s why we’re introducing the 31-day challenge to masturbate every day this month. Of course, to really get the most out of this month we’ll be suggesting 31 ways to masturbate, we’re right with you on the journey.

Every Monday we’ll update this blog with the 7 days of masturbation ideas to keep things exciting.

Eat, sleep, masturbate


  • Morning Glory- Start the day off right and the first thing you do when you wake up is masturbate. Have your favourite vibe close to hand and orgasm for breakfast.
  • Spend some time in the shower Another great shout for the mornings, take a toy with you in the shower or use the shower head to where feels good and get a kick of endorphins.
  • Go au natural – ditch the vibrator this time and explore your body with your hands. Touch and tease your body all over and let your fingers do the work.
  • Get naked Get completely naked and take time to really appreciate your body, exploring all over.
  • Watch yourself – Use a mirror to watch yourself as you masturbate, it’s a great way to appreciate your body visually.
  • Go hands-free- By straddling a pillow you can start grinding and enjoying the sensations underneath you. If you have a pebble-shaped vibrator such as Mimi you can put that underneath and use the vibrations to hump your way into happiness.
  • Audio porn Use audio to get you in the mood and listen to erotic audio whilst you masturbate. Dipsea has a great choice of erotic stories and guided exercises you can explore.


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