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It’s time to break away from your masturbation routine and explore other ways to enjoy self-pleasure and masturbation!

Many of us rarely change-up our masturbation and whilst it can sometimes lead to a guaranteed orgasm we can crave a change in experience and routine.

Slow down your masturbation pace

It’s easy to get stuck into a routine when it comes to masturbation, and often we tend to go with whatever method is the quickest due to how we’ve been wrongly taught orgasm should be the main goal of any form of sexual enjoyment. This means we’re led to believe that it should happen sooner, rather than allowing our bodies and mind time to take in other stimulation and sensations.

The Mimi Soft is a great sex toy to explore during slower masturbation sessions. Its soft rounded tip can caress the body sensually. The deep rumbly motor doesn’t have to be on max for you to find the sensations satisfying.

Top tips for slowing down your masturbation session:

  • Try edging and stop just before you reach your orgasm. Changing the vibration settings on your vibrator can help achieve this too.
  • Focus on using the Mimi soft over other parts of your body and not just your clitoris or penis.
  • Add in different sensations from other sex toys to keep things varied.

Explore mutual masturbation with a partner

Not only can masturbating with a partner help you share pleasure techniques you enjoy with each other, it helps you explore spontaneous and less routine masturbation methods as you both explore each other’s bodies.

The Couples Collect Gift Set can allow you to explore different sex toys during mutual masturbation play. The G-spot bullet can be used over external erogenous zones, such as the nipples, clitoris, or head of the penis. The Mio cock ring can be placed over the fingers and then used to glide over the body, the ring can also stretch over the penis where the vibrations can be used alongside manual masturbation.

Top tips for your mutual masturbation session:

  • Let your partner surprise you, by letting them take control of what stimulation you experience. If you’re struggling to switch off add in a blindfold.
  • Try the opposite and give your partner a sensual list of things you’d like to explore together, or whisper in their ear where you’ll like to be touched next whether that’s with hands or vibrations.
  • Try different positions together during mutual masturbation can help you change-up your techniques but also how your bodies respond to each other’s touch.

Mix-up your position and environment

We can all get a bit use to exploring masturbation in the same location and position. Most people masturbate when in bed, however masturbation can be something you can explore in different locations when at home in private from the bath, shower, and even the sofa. When changing-up location it can also make you explore new masturbation positions from standing to seated and these can lead to you finding new sensations and different ways to explore pleasure.

Wearing the Ami when in different masturbation position can allow you to use other sex toys, such as the Rabbit Bullet Vibrator at the same time too. Talking a vibrator into the bath or shower can also help you explore how water changes sensations and vibrations.

There’s a lot that can be explored when changing location and you may even learn a new style of masturbation that becomes your favourite.

Top tips on changing you location and position:

  • Aim for places you can position yourself comfortably, learning over the sofa can be a great way to explore masturbation positions that may need extra support.
  • If you’re in a shared home, make sure you have time to masturbate in private without interruptions.
  • Add in props such as pillows and chairs, which can also allow you to explore using sex toys handsfree.

Masturbation is completely normal and whatever way you decide you like to masturbate is completely ok as long as you enjoy it and it’s consensual. Sometimes it’s just fun to change things up and see if there are new methods we may enjoy, and it’s completely ok to go back to old favourites if they work for you. It’s not a competitions of which way is more enjoyable and going with that, it’s more looking at different ways we can masturbate and enjoy different sensations and experiences that’s important when it comes to mixing-up our masturbation routine.



Is the resident Je Joue Sexologist as well as a clinical sexologist who works as a therapist in private practice. She has trained extensively in the field of human sexuality qualifying in various areas of sexual health, sex, and relationship education, sex and relationship therapy and coaching. She has also trained with the Kinsey Institute for Human Sexuality and is a member of the ISSM and American Board of Sexology.

You can follow Ness on Instagram here and find her website here

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