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Take on the 31-Day Challenge this Masturbation May

It’s the second week of Masturbation May! To help you really get stuck into the second week of Masturbation May we've got a fresh set of ideas for you to try each day this week! These new ideas can be used solo or with a partner, whichever suits you best... 

Check out our Masturbation May page for all the latest offers we are running this month! 

  • The cheeky/sneaky orgasm – Change up your routine and sneak in a cheeky solo session between day-to-day tasks.
  • Add in some erotic teasing – Send your partner erotic voice notes or texts to increase erotic tension and arousal during masturbation.
  • Dominate The Orgasm – Send your partner sensual instructions on which sex toy they should use for their solo session.
  • Wear Jiggle Balls – Insert the AMI vaginally and feel the vibrations from the free-roaming balls add to your masturbation experience as you tease with one of our bullet vibrators.
  • Add in a Cock Ring – Upgrade your usual routine and include a cock-ring to intensify your climax. Did you know that you can use vibrating cock rings as a wearable finger sleeve for a women too? 
  • Tease the Penis and Clitoris With Rabbit Vibrators Ears – Grab the Rabbit Bullet Vibrator and tickle the ears along the shaft of the penis and massage the clitoris for duo or solo play.
  • Don’t forget the perineum – The UMA vibrator can be used to massage the perineum found between the gentialia and anus; when massaged with a sex toy the strong rumbling vibrations can stimulate deeper in the body.
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