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This month we launched our limited edition Goddxss Collection in collaboration with the incredible illustrator Hazel Mead. Hazel is famous for her powerful illustrations that challenge stereotypes and tackles taboos in society. As part of our Hera and Juno launch we wanted to create something that celebrates diversity and champions what it’s like to live in modern day society. The names Hera and Juno derive from ancient Greek and Roman goddesses and so it made sense for our theme to be taken from this and brought into a modern day setting. The result of this was the Goddxss illustration above which we’re incredibly proud of. We sat down with Hazel and asked her what was her inspiration behind the piece and what it means to her.

What was the initial inspiration behind the illustration?

This was very much a collab between myself and Je Joue. I had previously created a Greek mythology calendar so Sienna (Je Joue’s Marketing Manager at the time) thought to take inspiration from that and go with a Goddess theme to combine my interests and the toys which also encompassed the Goddess theme - along the line of “celebrate your inner Goddess!”

We settled on the idea of empowerment, and how different things are empowering for different people. We compiled and edited a list which shaped the final drawing of phrases and things and hopefully this illustration brings joy, and you can relate to one of these people! Of course we also snuck some little Je Joue toys in there too!

Which Goddess are you? What makes you feel empowered?
There are a few but definitely the “drop what doesn’t serve you” Goddess. For me, it’s when there’s something that I’m constantly worrying about, perhaps something work-related or a conflict that’s a heavy weight on my mind and I can put it into perspective, and let it go rather than let it fester. It’s hard for me, so when I’m able to do that I feel proud. Also wearing heels can make me feel amazing! But also lifting weights or learning something new and seeing progression in something you’ve been practising can feel amazing. There’s not just one thing!

If like us you can’t get enough of the Goddxss illustration then you can buy any of our limited edition merchandise on our website now, plus if you order any Hera and Juno toy you can get a free tote bag.


Hazel Mead
A freelance graphic designer whose work drives purpose. Challenging the taboos in society and provoking important questions. Hazel's work is in her own words 'combining beautiful imagery and diverse characters with meaning and story, and often create social commentary images that tackle taboos". You can follow Hazel's work on Instagram @hazel.mead . 



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