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Building intimacy in your sexual relationship 

When in a relationship it can be easy for every day to distract from really being present during sex. It’s very easy to focus on the end goal (climax) and whilst that’s absolutely a great feeling you can really enhance your experience and relationship if you prioritise intimacy.

But how do you build intimacy? We’ve pulled together 5 suggestions for you to connect with your partner and further enhance your sexual intimacy.


Talk to each other

It’s amazing in how even long term relationships sexual preferences and desires aren’t vocally shared. As a society we still haven’t quite got comfortable talking about sex. When we take the time to sit down and talk about who we are and what we want it opens up a whole world of sexual pleasure. Active listening is just as important, show your partner you have heard what they are saying and you care about them. This doesn’t just have to just stick to sexual desires, feeling like you are really being listened to is a real turn on which leads to our next point…


Give 100% of your attention

In a world full of smartphones and social media it’s pretty typical to spend an evening looking at your phones and watching the TV without paying any attention to your partner. Purposefully remove any distractions and sit down and really talk and listen to one another. Making eye contact and physical touch are great ways to create intimacy and connection.

Slow things down

When you have a window of time it’s really easy to rush things and focus on the big climax (and don’t get us wrong there’s nothing wrong with that) but to have intimate sex you really need to be present and focus on each other. Taking things slow with touching, massage, kissing and just enjoying the moment can really build up the connection each other. Try not to think about the end goal here just focus on the present.

 Try new things

If you’ve been with your partner for some time it could be that you are set in your ways and trying new things is a great way to experiment and bring new life to your sex life. When you talk to your partner about your likes and dislikes you might get inspired to try something new. This could be in outfits, new toys or positions but trying something new together can create not only excitement but bring you together emotionally as you experience something new together.


Get to know your own body

Finally, getting to know your own body absolutely drives more intimacy because how do you know what you like unless you try it out for yourself? When you explore your own body you become familiar with what you like and where. When you improve your relationship with yourself it makes it easier to give yourself fully to someone else. So take some time to yourself, explore and enjoy.


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