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The latest of Je Joue’s deep rumbling vibrators comes a pair beyond recognition. Inspired by the Goddesses of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, this pleasure technology is designed to send you past cloud nine and straight into heaven. 

While some people are still debating whether the G-spot exists, both Hera and Juno are intimately designed with your body in mind. At Je Joue, we know that the G-spot or “G-area” is made up of erectile tissue, the Skene’s glands, and the internal clitoris. A whole host of pleasurable nerve endings ready to be massaged into bliss. 

So let’s say we take a little look at what they are, where they came from, the science behind the pleasure, and how they work! 

Introducing Hera: The Rabbit Redesigned


Named after the Goddess of women, marriage, family and childbirth in ancient Greek religion and mythology. Hera is rabbit style toy, but not as you may know it. 

The original Rabbit, famous for it’s rabbit ears, was designed in 1983 by the company Vibratex. This was the first of its kind to create a toy with internal and external parts in the United States. 

Unlike most toys of the time being manufactured in China that were allowed to be explicit, they were designed in Japan and thus had to figure out ways to get around the obscenity laws. So, they were made in bright colours and with animal fixtures… and the Rabbit was created! Along with the Dolphin, the Turtle, the Kangaroo and the Beaver—none of which made it. 

The original toy had rotating pearls inside, and in 2008 it became the highest selling sex toy, getting a chance to be featured in the likes of mainstream media such as Sex and the City and Oprah’s Magazine—known as the “rolls royce of sex toys”.

It’s internal and external parts allow for external clitoral stimulation and G-spot stimulation, offering blended or combined orgasmic experiences. 

What make’s Hera so unique? 

Well, to start, it’s sleek design made from silky soft silicone has your body in mind. While it has the basic shape of a Rabbit, its ergonomically redesigned to suit your body. 

The rabbit ears are flexible and shaped more like a broad thumb to add clitoral pressure, and the internal arm is contoured to reach your G-spot with pin-pointed pleasure with a comfortably spongy-tip. 

With Je Joue’s famous deep rumbling vibrating motors to deeply massage your muscle tissue, and stimulate your nerve endings from their roots.

How do you use Hera? 

Start by turning it on before you place it near your genitals to explore the 7 vibration patterns and speeds. Apply a water-based lubricant and massage your clitoris and the entrance to your vagina to awaken your arousal. When you are ready, enter mindfully, and add as much or as little pressure to your clit and G-spot. Flick through the different settings to find what suits you. Remember, everyday you might be wanting something different, so keep exploring. Experiment with hands-free fun by holding in your kegels and enjoying the combined pleasures. 

Who’s is Hera for?

Anyone with a vulva and a desire for exploring multiple sensations and combined orgasms.

Introducing Juno: The Curved G-Spot Wand


Named after Goddess of marriage, home, and family, and was known as a champion of women in Ancient Rome. Juno is a curved G-spot wand, uniquely contoured for accurate pleasure. 

Ultimately the G-spot wand is type of dildo—specially shaped for stimulating the G-spot. We can trace dildos back to the ancient times where they were found to have been made of stone by cavedwellers. However, technology has advanced a bit since then. 

Today you’ll find G-spot wands made from crystals and more famously, metal—like the NJOY Pure wand. However, most commonly are silicone and vibrating G-spot wands designed to fulfil an alternative and vibratory stimulation different from other wands, dildos, and penises. 

It’s important to note that every vagina is different, meaning that the G-spot is located in a different area in every body. This area is made up of a variety of pleasurable organs, the back of the clitoris, erectile tissue, and the skene’s gland which can fill up and release squirt or ejaculate. 

When touching the G-spot it might be painful if one is not fully aroused. So it’s important to stimulate the mind, and the external clitoris, and work to massage the G-spot slowly to allow it to engorge for maximum pleasure. 

What makes Juno so unique? 

Unlike other dildos or wands, Juno is curved to precisely stimulate your G-spot. You can hold the arm and angle it with ease. Embedded inside are Je Joue’s deep rumbling vibrating motors. And the G-spot tip is made of soft spongy silicone for maximum comfort. 

How do you use Juno?

Explore the different patterns and speeds to find one that suits you. Massage your vulva to awaken your erogenous zones. Add a touch of water-based lubricant, and when you are ready, insert. 

Your G-spot which is most likely to be 1.5 inches inside the vagina on the front wall facing your belly button. Spend some time to locate this, and use the tip to massage the rest of the internal vaginal wall to explore other pleasure spots such as the Anterior Fornix, the Posterior Fornix, and the Cervix—all of which have a plethora of nerve endings ready to be massaged. 

Rock your hips as you apply as much or as little pressure onto your G-spot and ride your way into orgasmic bliss. 

Who is Juno for? 

Anyone with a vulva and a desire to explore internal vaginal pleasure and G-spot orgasms. 


What's BodyFlexTechnology? 

Hera Flex image

Bother Hera and Juno have their own flexible partners (Hera Flex and Juno Flex) which use Je Joue's newest flex technology, meaning they move in rhythm with your body. You can bend our flex toys into any position that feels good for your body. The flexible shapes will move in perfect harmony with your own body movements, and the slim, soft and squishy tip is super comfortable - so you can explore more positions and pressures with zero discomfort! 

So there you have it. Two Goddesses designed with your body in mind. The only question now, is who will you choose to be your guardian into heavenly pleasure? 

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